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Newly added...
2004/01/12added: 3 Doors Down
2004/01/12added: 50 Cent
2004/01/12added: At The Drive-In
2004/01/12added: Best Bass Solo
2004/01/12added: Best Concept/Theme Album
2004/01/12added: Best Metal Side Project
2004/01/12added: Cream
2004/01/12added: Crematory
2004/01/12added: Darkthrone
2004/01/12added: Edguy
2004/01/12added: G-Unit
2004/01/12added: Good Charlotte
2004/01/12added: Justin Timberlake
2004/01/12added: Pink
2004/01/12added: Puddle of Mudd
2004/01/12added: Scooter
2004/01/12added: Shadow Fall
2004/01/12added: Shania Twain
2004/01/12added: Sonata Artica
2004/01/12added: Suidakra
2004/01/12added: t.A.T.u.
2004/01/12added: Westlife

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